OPW/2-One Page Weeklies


Hey dudes,

Here is the second installment of OPW (One Page Weelkies). I had loads of fun doing it, but I'm worried it got a little too wordy, SoooooOooo I am posting it with AND without words. I'd be interested to hear how (if at all) you guys think that affects the story....?

I am also starting to see a formula with these first two weeks, where my last panel is kind of like the punch line of a joke. I think for next week I am going to try and hit a totally different mark. I still see a lot of room to grow here, so as I work through this GOLIATH of a medium please excuse my poor handwriting/grammar etc.

Let me know what you guys think!



'Tradships/sans type'

....wow....it's May already, and I've been out of school for exactly a year now.

I appreciate you spending some time here.


Robb said...

They continue!

Dustin dArnault said...

Yes sir I would invite violence upon me and my crew!
I read this and I hear you reciting it in my head! GOOD SHOW SIR GOOD SHOW!
You got me fired up now!

Anonymous said...

Haha Steamboat cap'n wins. Its not that terribly wordy but you might want to think about word bubble placement. There's an art to that as much as anything else and they're an important factor of readability.

RAWLS said...

Nice bro!!

Anonymous said...