OPW/2-One Page Weeklies


Hey dudes,

Here is the second installment of OPW (One Page Weelkies). I had loads of fun doing it, but I'm worried it got a little too wordy, SoooooOooo I am posting it with AND without words. I'd be interested to hear how (if at all) you guys think that affects the story....?

I am also starting to see a formula with these first two weeks, where my last panel is kind of like the punch line of a joke. I think for next week I am going to try and hit a totally different mark. I still see a lot of room to grow here, so as I work through this GOLIATH of a medium please excuse my poor handwriting/grammar etc.

Let me know what you guys think!



'Tradships/sans type'

....wow....it's May already, and I've been out of school for exactly a year now.

I appreciate you spending some time here.