The "Boll Deevil"


Art Challenges are WAY too much fun!...a good way to promote AND bulk up your portfolio (one stone/two birds)

The D&D art contest I participated in over at Artorder is all wrapped up. There was some solid work submitted, and I had fun looking at the other 'gladi-arters'. On a similar totally sweet note, I got an honorable mention for the humor in my piece. I think I'm going to keep doing some of these, and indulge the sci-fi/fantasy nerdy prepubescent Adam Volker I've nurtured lately working on these kids books. You can go check out the piece in the arena with all the others at the Artorder blog, or keep reading and find it below...

"Boll Deevil"

(you have chosen, wisely)

thanks for stopping in!


Pop-Monkey said...

Only an honorable mention? You got robbed, man! Sweet design -- I'll have to go check out the other entries.

Adam Paquette said...

rocked it - such a sweet finish.
was good to see you get an 'hm' but it would have been nice to get props for the beautiful classical style and exectuion of it too - as it is much more subtle and confident than a lot of the other entries.

good job! im going to be doing the gnome challenge this week. see you in the 'dome ;)

Watts said...

Bad to the bone Adam!!! It was great to see you my friend. xoxo

sirfrancisdrake said...

gonna have to agree with others here, u def got robbed. Only reason i can think of really is its not in the style of D&D. Id love to see more of illos in this style.

Andrew Lauretta said...

Boll Deevils go WHAP! lol
Very nice my friend.

Anonymous said...


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