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Hey Folks,

sorry this is a day late....I bought an X-box 360 this weekend.


I did some experimenting with a halftone. I think I am getting closer to where I want to be, but there is still a lot of ground to cover. I have to start writing these, BEFORE I start drawing them. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like it!

...trudging along,


Andrew Olson said...


roger moore said...

hello! well my english is very bad but id like to say you ,what you work is amazing! i love your stile,regards from Argentine

Sir Timmy said...

bitchin! love the gritty tone texture in this, compliments your rendered inkwork perfectly. alot of fun to look at. all your stuff is!

The Machine said...

sweetness, this one's my favorite thus far. the half tones give your inkwork more depth and it gives that gritty texture that works with this comics subject matter. keep it up!