Terrible yellow Eyes


Image copyright Cory Godbey 2009

Hey dudes,

Some cool stuff happening in the past few days! I was asked by the very cordial Cory Godbey to join his collective birthday gift for illustrator/writer all around awesome guy Maurice Sendak. He has been gathering artists to contribute to a blog titled "Terrible Yellow Eyes", and on June 10th (Mr. Sendak's birthday) he is going to send all the work over as a collective birthday present.

frickin sweet right!?!

There is some really cool stuff over at the blog. He has some work from some heavy hitters, including Bluesky's Jake Parker and Mike Lee! Needless to say, I am very honored and excited to be part of the big 'ole internet art hug headed Mr S's way.

Here is the piece I did, hopefully ya'll dig it....cross your fingers for me (hopefully Mr. Sendak likes it)

"Where did you say those wild things were?"

thanks for stopping in!



Movo Me said...

nice stuff! terrible yellow eyes has had some good stuff lately. yours will be a fine addition.

Watts said...

Wow you get to be a part of the birthday pack! So cool!! I was gonna send him one for the bloghizzle, hopefully he diggs it. I love how you have the linear look incorporated in it too, that is so rad.

RAWLS said...

YES guy!!! Nice version my friend! I've yet to do up my piece for him... I'd better get on that huh?
Great job man!

Jared Fiorino said...

Adam, this is sick man! I really like the way you chose to handle this piece with mixed media. The lighting is nice too.

Nicholas said...


This is amazing man, both the art you submitted and that you were invited to submit it!

super cool dude, super cool!

Alina Chau said...


verdadverde said...

i think its great :)

Magellan said...

envious. simply envious.

Z-Kids said...

Love it! My fave.

Anonymous said...


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