Siggraph '09



Recently, in Shreveport there has been some tasty stuff cooking, it smells good, and now I can finally share some of it!

We are poised at ground zero of the creation of a brand new Animation/VFX company dubbed "Moonbot studios", a division of a larger fledgling entity named "LouD Village".

"siggraph promo flyer"

Though currently small, the projects already in production have a lot of promise and energy. The team is a tight group of industry vets united by a common interest to create something new, potent and interesting.....that and the general creative jitters! I feel like this could turn into something great, and I am honored to be involved.

Since the state of Louisiana began providing the film industry with huge tax cuts. There has been an influx of films coming to places like Shreveport to make their movies, and the number is growing. While our new studio works on it's debut animated short we are planning a trip to SIGGRAPH 09 in New Orleans to promote/recruit.

...SO, if you are planning a visit to the convention make sure to stop by booth #2900 and chat one of us up. We would love to talk to you about what we are working on, where the best creole food is, the best hot sauce, and you can get yourself a caricature by the unimitatable Joe Bluhm. I hope to see you there!

...and here is an unrelated drawing as well

"pumping station"

thanks for dropping in,

(logo and flyers copyright Moonbot studios 2009)


Erin McGuire said...

Don't forget the absinthe :)

Andrew R. Wright said...

The green and purple on that sketch work so nicely together. They should get married and have babies. I would totally adopt one... or kidnap one. Whichever option proves faster results.

DUDE!!! You are starting a studio?! Sweetness!

And one more ! for the road

RAWLS said...

Awesome! Sounds exciting my friend! Can't wait to hear/see more about it!

Betsy Bauer said...

Hey dude! I'll be there all week as an SV! Send me a text or a ring when you get there and we'll work something out. 330.715.4434. See ya there!

alexandre said...

Looking good! I like your previous backgrounds also. gj

Anonymous said...

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Emmett Hamilton III said...

Hey, missed you the last day. Was all over that place trying to wrap things up. Keep in touch and let me know how things go over at Moonbot.