"sketchbooking, and notes on 'the hero's journey'"

hey guys,

Siggraph was a fun time, I competed in an art contest and won myself a copy of PS/CS4. (yay) A good time was had by the whole Moonbot crew. We also had some GREAT food....

"BO, BJ, AV, JB"

"moonbot NOLA"

(needless to say, we were having a great time)

On some other cool notes, the "Terrible Yellow Eyes" blog/birthday present is going to be showing a collection of the work at the Nucleus gallery in the greater LA area. Only a portion of the work is going to be selected to be shown so I might not get to be present, but the potential is exciting! Here is a link for more info about the show

Gallery Nucleus

(and here is a reminder of my contribution)

thanks for stopping by, more art to come!