Dark Lantern Finished!!


Hey folks,

look familiar? (dis paintin's sketches)...maybe yes? maybe, no

" Dark Lantern"

I worked on this longer than I usually do, and it felt good to buckle down and think through it. It's boggles me how I can spend 15 hours trying to fix a friggin' hand and then spend only twenty minutes on my favorite part of the painting....

"I mean, wtf....seriously"

I want to be using that part of my brain while I paint the whole damn thing. Searching for a focus somewhere between hyperconcentration, hypoconcentration, and boredom. The bermuda triangle of art. That's where I do my best work....maybe that's why it's so hard to find.

all bad jokes aside, I'm happy with the result. Thanks for swinging over to check it out!

now, I'm off to reinvent my website


P.S. (to all you comic buffs out there, the moonbot-ers are doing some comic work for a film in town based off this dudes work....FLECTCHER HANKS COMIC GENIUS)


Kyler Dannels said...

Fuckin awesome. Painted version came out even more rad.

Alex Berki said...

FLETCHER HANKS!!! Those little guys are gnarly

Jeff Welborn said...

Holy crap thats awesome and creepy and sinister and surreal and down right ice cream for my eyeballs. I LOVE the fact that his dark lantern is actually emitting black light. I also love the palette you used here. I need to think more about overall tones in my paintings methinks.

Juan Andrés Castañeda said...

holy fuck ay-damn. that shit is solid--