Nucleus and Idea Incubators



There is currently a show at Nucleus gallery about airships. "Lift Off: The Art of Airships" (frickin awesome idea in my opinion!) Some great stuff has been contributed, and it's become a popular blogging topic as well. I had the opportunity to be part of a related online venture through the Nucleus Gallery with a similar theme...



Both of these original 5x7 inchers are on sale over at the nucleus website (here) and (here). Another awesome adventure coming through the grapevine, is a website called


which is a place where people can support the production of each other's ideas. If you have an idea for anything...movies, books, t-shirts, organizations etc you can get it started there. People pledge money to support your goal. It's like when you had to raise money for your hockey team and your coach drew a big thermometer on the wall and you slowly filled it up by selling wreaths and Christmas cookies door to door...

anyway, go plant a seed er somethin'. Thanks for stopping by!

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sophan said...

cool piece,

this show is going to be awesome.