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I've been doing more than art recently, and my internet presence has been deteriorating because I'm not sure how to post presentations I'm making on development pipelines, or all the emails I've been writing back and forth to potential hires, or the mounds of notes I have on the story I'm developing. I've been busy, but this blog isn't the venue for lots of it. I'll add that to the list of things I'm going to fix. I guess being part of a start up means, that sometimes the needs and hats I wear wont be artistic ones. I actually enjoy some of the organizational stuff.

It reminds me of what it was like to get "Illest of Ill" off the ground. I guess it's all preparation for something.

However, some art slips out the side when we have story time at Moonbot and we are talking about the comic I'm writing...

I blacked out the names of the characters,those seem to change the most frequently. The character design process here is like a bouncing ball. Everytime I approach it, the bounce is shallower and closer to the final design. That last batch of drawings/notes Bill and I did were mostly about her silhouette and her legs. A woman's legs are truly a thing of wonder, I can't seem to get everything I want to into that line.

art is so much freackin fun!!

thanks for dropping by,


Del Rey said...

these are looking pretty awesome man! Can't wait to see more!

Kyler Dannels said...

Keeping your schedule diverse will only lend itself to that drive to get what's in your guts on paper. I'm sure you're learning a tremendous amount in the process of your endeavors.

Love that variety page of character designs. I want to see it repeated and stretched 20 feet across a white wall with just that one highlighted in yellow.

Miss you, brother - stay up.

Jeff Welborn said...

Man, I'm REALLY liking those designs! Sweet work m'man. But why are you reading this? Get back to work!