Nude people


Heylo, (ODST)

I've been life drawing more frequently, since Moonbot partnered with Artspace Shreveport, and got some sessions going a few months back. It's been great to really get those muscles going again. I've been feeling more confident about letting my marks be what they are instead of trying too hard to control them. I don't know if the quality of the drawing is improving, but they are getting more honest, and I appreciate that.

A guy I knew in Austin has started a blog called "Babe Lab" which really intrigues me. It's dedicated to the study of pin-up art, and generally what makes a drawing sexy.

It's just as much the artist's responsibility to handle the subject matter in a sexual way as it is for the subject matter to be sexy. It comes to mind as I monitor the life drawing sessions, and am responsible for interacting with the model. What's appropriate to say/do around the model and what isn't. To my surprise most of the models make jokes about being naked in front of people. It still confuses me a little....

The line is easy to see, but isn't hard to cross.

A while back Paul Pope said...

"A drawing can never be pornography. A drawing is an visual description of an idea and not a documented depiction of an actual event."

We had a preggers model, which was cool. hope you dig the drawings!

thanks for stopping by,


Erin McGuire said...

Top one is pretty sweet, nice work :)

Dustin d'Arnault said...

Nice sir!

Francis Vallejo said...


Jeff Welborn said...

These look good. I really like the shape of the arms and legs for some reason.

Jeff Welborn said...

Oh and post these on the Facebook Group so I'm not the only shmuck posting art there. On another note, I must have been sitting right behind you on that first sketch because mine in almost at the exact same angle. Weird.

Brun Croes said...

Man these are AWESOME. I'm always afraid to post nude model drawings since they kinda suck.

Great work


JMart said...

Thanks buddy, good to be back. Now if only my portfolio would magically get redone, I'll be in great shape. Nice figure work!

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