I Made T-shirts!



It's been crunch time here @ Moonbot, but all excuses aside.

I was home (MN) for a very brief trip back in July, and I spent some of it in the woods.  I'm about 90% positive that everyone who lives in MN has a place or a friend who has a place known affectionately as "The Cabin" or "The Cottage".  Maybe it's because of the prevalence of lakes, or maybe it's cause midwesterners yearn to shanty up in the woods and drink beer.  Whatever the reason, I've been going to a town called Luck in Wisconsin to unwind for years now, and this last time I was motivated to give something back to it.  So I decided to design a t-shirt for me, and my buddies that was simple, but encapsulated what this place means to us.....  Here is a step by step of my design process

 the two drawings I did "on location" slightly inebriated

Since we use this place to unwind, I felt it would be appropriate to make the building into a "reset" button.

variations on the design

pretty girls are really good at making your work look better

....and then they showed up in the mail!

ahhh the rapture of closure.

thanks for dropping in, I'll see you soon