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Hey dudes,

We are previewing the short today!!!

...that means I can share a bunch of work I did on it.  There is tons to show, and I'll be sharing more int he next week or so, but I grabbed a few things that I really dig for now.  It was a great challenge designing for miniatures, and then learning how to build them (eeek).  I can tell my mother that all those years spent in middle school playing Warhammer 40k weren't wasted.  What I put together is sort of a concept to execution of the backgrounds we made for the short.  Since we were mixing live action miniature and cg the real challenge fell on our tech department to bring the film to the final look, and I can't unfortunately share any of THAT yet, but I have a bunch of art.

so enough of me rambling, I've done a lot of talking about this thing in the past few weeks.  Check out the stuff, hope ya'll dig it!  Here is what has been eating up my life for the past year and a half.   To give you sort of a scope of the work, these plates (backgrounds)  represent three of the over 200 shots in the final film.

Library Interior

Book Bed

 NOLA set

The website is up and everything too.

thanks for dropping in!


Alex Berki said...

Damn GOrgeouS!

Mike Bear said...

Nice! Just found you through the moonbot site, via which had posted the trailer to the short.

looks great and i like your work!

Watts said...

So awesome Adam. It's really cool to see what you've been doing for a while.