Lifting my head up for a minute



I've had my head down on various things in the past few months.  Reading and sketching mostly.  I've been writing stuff too, but it all has to go through my head at least a few thousand times before I feel confident enough to share it.  I'll make an attempt to make up for my lack of posting by making this a bigger post.  I've got some figure drawings to start with, it was one of those sessions that started out with me drawing the model and then I ended up just doodling other things.

the other thing that is taking up my time recently is traveling/reading.  I've reached the age in my life where all my highschool friends and acquaintances are getting married,  and I've had to act fancy a lot this summer.  It's fun to do, but my vocabulary is straining trying to explain in new ways what I've been up to for the past 6 or so years.  The reading I've been doing is all inspired by the film "Midnight In Paris"  which I went to see multiple times at the theater,  a few of us guys from the studio got really into Hemingway.  I should thank Woody Allen for reigniting a passion for literature I didn't really know I had.  I think I've read 8 or so books since the film came out.

I was asked by a soon to be relative (mother's fiance's son) to do a wine label for his home brewed wine that he is giving away at his wedding.  That's been fun!  (maybe I'll get comped a bottle or two for the job....crossing my fingers)

to caboose the train of wedding thought that has been the end of my summer.  I went to a wedding in Florida, which was the most beautiful thing I've been part of in a long time.  At the time I was reading "The Great Gatsby" my new favorite book, and I kid you not...this wedding felt like a Gatsby party.  I was totally smitten, attendees who noticed a bearded lanky boy laughing to himself about nothing at all....that was me.

...a very inspiring friend of mine suggested that I draw some of the characters from the book, so I gave that a try too.

Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby

I've had this wanting to tell some classy story in 'short' form or comics or something.  But for the meantime I'm going to need to take some more lessons from Fitzgerald.

oh and my day job, that happens too...

thanks for dropping by!