Tower of Babel 2 - (codenamed TOBii)

Hey guys!

In our off time, my buddy Bo and I (collectively known as "Team Blue Shirt" Copyright Meg Deane, 2011) have been working on a side project iOS video game to be released sometime in our future....after today


It's a sequel to the Tower of Babel 1 story.  You know, the one from the bible.  It's a tower building rock/paper/siccors game where you have certain types of materials Stone/Metal/Wood and god hits you respectively with Lightning/Rain/Fire to try and stop you from building a tower high enough to make it into heaven, and subsequently....his super exclusive badass shindig.  The set up goes something like this.....

we have gotten to a playable beta, but we've since been distracted from heading into full swing on this guy, due to work and other constraints.  Hopefully sharing some of this publicly will help me get off my ass and make some assets for Bo. I am determined not let this become one of those shelved hobby projects that never makes it to fruition. However,

...right now if someone asked us how development on the game was going, my response would sorta have to be.

Thanks for dropping in, more on this as it develops/when it develops!


Avner Geller said...

hahaha, this is awesome!! can't wait to see more of this story :)

Jason Holt said...

Haha, "and he was like Noooooooo. Not gonna happen." Love it! Very cool stuff guys!

juan said...

Hells yeah!

Brun Croes said...