Moonbot Interactive


Howdy Internet, and Happy Holidays

It seems like it has been a long run when it's actually been a short one.  Recently, a few of us left the mother ship (across the hall), and set up shop behind the glass door reading "Moonbot Interactive".  Though nothing has really changed about our working method, it seems to be a declaration of a direction.  As we are about to ship "The Numberlys" which is Moonbot's next app/film/game/whatever experience, It's nice to be digging through my computer and find reminders of where we were.

Moonbot Interactive - empty office from Adam Volker on Vimeo.

We have done some nesting, but it's been a great environment to work in.  It still feels like a couple of kids in a garage, which is something Brandon Oldenburg, one of our directors always says when he references Moonbot. We've got big plans, and as things for 2012 start to block the sun on the horizon I'm excited about where we are heading, I hope we can keep the vibe we've got going with everyone at the studio.

thanks for dropping by! smiles for now :)