Going to GDC


I don't know when I became that guy, but I'm going on a two week business trip.  Week one is a little under wraps but week two I will be in San Fransisco at the GDC.  We are scoping stuff out, but also looking to bring people on board to the Moonbot Interactive team, so if you are a 3D Tech Artist person, or a Programmer look us up.  The entire interactive team is going to be at the conference all week.

If you are there, please say hi!(I'm looking at you Dalluhn, Mclean)

(I look like this)

see you there!


McLean Kendree said...

Hey man, you know I'm down. :P

matt said...

yup, hit me up whenever. There is some kind of Ringling alumni event Thursday at the intercontinental that I am trying to go to. Any other time is good too. Hope you have a good trip!

Dogmation said...

Chicos... Felicitaciones por el Oscar... se lo merecían!!! Saludos desde Colombia!!! :)

John Norton said...

Minnesota Bro! Congratulations to you and your team for the Oscar last night. Well deserved!

I watched the making of videos, looked like a lot of work, but it paid off.

Look forward to more from the "Krewe"


Mike Terry said...

Cool blog!