sketches plus TOBii update

Hey guys,

GDC was wonderful, to anybody I ran into there it was great meeting you/seeing you.  The games industry is a great group of people, and I'm excited to be among them. 

Bo and I had sooo much travel planned in the past month that we challenged ourselves to see if we could get Tower of Babel II off it's feet again.  We had a total of about 24 hours in the air between traveling to London, and then San Fran (for GDC) and then back to the Shreve.  We totally revamped the game, and made it in 3D (or I should say Bo made it in 3D) instead of using sprites like we had in the older version.  It's exciting stuff, and I feel like we are getting much much closer to being able to publish something.  Who knows!

anyway, here is some screen grabs with place holder effects anim, and the building blocks aren't modeled yet either...but you can play it! and that gets me excited.

Here is some of the concept I've been doing for the pieces/blocks and materials.


and my new slogan...

see you next time!


Tom Scholes said...


Stanley Moore said...

that looks awesome....i kinda think you don't need to fake it anymore

Michael Yates said...

This is looking awesome! Also i would like to say it was great to finally meet you in the workshop last week! I had a great time!

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