Process sketches & Alberto Breccia


Hey Internet,

first off, these sketches are for another online art contest over at Artorder. The challenge is to devolve the "gnome" creature from the D&D franchise. After reading the brief about the gnome species, I thought it would be cool to make their ancestry satyr-ish. As I cook up a painting in that stew I thought I would post some exploratory sketches.

ancient gnomes

The other thing that I just COULD NOT pass up sharing was a long existing (but recently reignited) love for Uruguay-born Argentinian comic creator Alberto Breccia! This is one of the guys that is teaching me how to simplify pictures to two tones, while still doing amazing things with lost edges, and implied detail. On top of that, he injects a refreshing variation in composition to his comics. I thought it might be cool to share the work of someone who has had such a large influence on my work. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this stuff too! I would definitely recommend picking up something with his stuff in it if you are a comic book fan.

Alberto Breccia

SUCH beautiful work, I only wish I could read it!!! hahaha. Thanks for stopping in.

till next time,


Pop-Monkey said...

Nice! I really want to try one of those Art Order challenges, but I never seem to have the time. Especially this week with starting the new job.

As for Breccia -- doggone right! Love his work tremendously. He was actually the artist on the most recent SWAMP THING revival at DC, which I thought rocked, but it got cancelled after about 30 issues or so. Shame. I wish more of his stuff would be translated and released over here. I do have a sketchbook of his that was released over here several years ago -- great stuff.

Keyla Valerio said...

i'm super jealous that he's helping you out with your work! he's so good, what a sweet opportunity :]

Adam Tamte Volker said...

Keyla, sorry I don't mean to be misleading. Breccia is dead, when I said "teaching" I just meant that I was looking at his stuff a lot.


Kyler Dannels said...

Every time I see this guys pages, my chest seizes up and I can't breathe for a second.

Del Rey said...

hehe damn Breccia is good! Pratt showed me some of his stuff today so i googled him and this post came up. Thank you. these were some of the biggest images i could find.

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